Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload?

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

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Putting movies on YouTube has become an important part of modern technology, letting artists share their work with people worldwide. 

However, many people who make content know how frustrating waiting for their YouTube movie to post can be. It can be confusing to wait forever for your movie to go live after you hit the “Upload” button. 

This article will explain why YouTube upload times are so long. This will take the mystery out of the process and help you understand why your video may take so long to post. These things can help you improve your post experience and ensure your content gets to the right people as quickly as possible, no matter how long you’ve been making videos or how new you are to YouTube.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload?

It is mainly because of your large file size and format. If your video is 4k with a higher bit rate, then there is no doubt it will take more time to upload. Moreover, it also depends on your internet connection. If you have slow internet, uploading your video will take too long.

Uploading at busy periods is one of the most frequent causes of YouTube upload delays. Peak hours are commonly defined as periods of the day when many users post and watch movies. 

Your video’s duration directly affects how long it takes to upload. Longer films take longer to upload and contain more data, particularly if your internet connection is sluggish. 

Your computer’s performance may also impact the upload procedure. A high-definition video may be difficult for your computer to encode and upload if it is old or has little processing power. The upload procedure can take longer than anticipated in some circumstances. Here are the reasons why your YouTube video takes so long to upload:

  • File Size and Format
    The size and type of your video file are two main things that affect how long it takes to post. It makes sense that bigger files will take longer to upload because they need more data sent over the Internet.
  • Internet Connection Speed
    How long it takes to upload a video depends greatly on how fast you can upload files. 
  • Peak Hours
    There is a lot of activity on YouTube at certain times of the day, especially in the evenings when more people are online.
  • Video Length
    It makes sense that longer movies take longer to upload because they have more data to process and keep. 
  • Performance of Your Computer
    The file speed can be affected by how well your computer works. If your computer is slow or doesn’t have a lot of processing power, it might have trouble getting the video ready to post.

How To Upload YouTube Video Faster?

An internet connection that is both fast and reliable is essential for optimizing the uploading process. However, wired Ethernet connections are often more reliable than Wi-Fi ones. Use an Ethernet connection to connect your PC straight to your network if feasible.

Choose a video editing program to export videos with certain compression parameters. Compression functions are already included in popular programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and even free programs like FFmpeg or HandBrake. Here are the solutions to how you can upload your YouTube video faster:

1. Fast and Stable Internet Connection

2. Video Compression

3. Use Optimal Video Settings

4. Schedule Off-Peak Hours

5. Use a Wired Connection

6. Close Background Apps

7. Browser and Software Updates

8.  Faster Hardware

10. Upload During Non-Peak Hours

11. Use YouTube’s Web Uploader

12. Video Thumbnail and Metadata Preparation

13. Queue Multiple Videos

Fast and Stable Internet Connection

A quick and reliable internet connection is essential for uploading files quickly. To guarantee a steady and dependable connection, utilize a wired Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi if possible. The time it takes to get your film online can be decreased by using a wired connection, which reduces the likelihood of disruptions and guarantees a consistent upload speed.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

Video Compression

Compressing your video files before uploading is one of the best strategies to increase the speed of your YouTube uploads. While preserving a respectable level of video quality, video compression shrinks the file size. You can use online compressors like veed.io.

You can utilize specialized video compression tools or video editing applications. Some commonly used video codecs for compression include H.264 and H.265 (HEVC). It’s possible to drastically cut down on file size without sacrificing overall video quality by employing these codecs, which will speed up YouTube uploads and streams.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

Use Optimal Video Settings

Use the suggested YouTube parameters when exporting your video from your editing program. YouTube recommends ideal export parameters, such as bit rate and resolution, to guarantee quicker platform processing. 

By adhering to these rules, you can be confident that your video is optimized for YouTube, facilitating faster and more seamless uploads.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

Schedule Off-Peak Hours

Attempt to submit your films during off-peak times when there is less traffic on the internet. Because there is less competition for bandwidth during off-peak hours, uploading during these times can help you avoid network congestion and boost upload speeds. It works particularly well if your internet connection is sluggish.

Use a Wired Connection

Use a cable connection on Wi-Fi since it’s usually faster and more consistent. Ethernet connections offer a smoother and faster data transfer for effective video uploads since they are less susceptible to interference and signal loss.

Wired connections, like optical fiber, have consent network packets and don’t cause delays. That is why you will be able to upload your video faster.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

Close Background Apps

Close any unused programs and background processes on your computer to free up system resources and bandwidth for uploading. You can speed up uploads by devoting more of your system’s power to the uploading process by minimizing resource utilization.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

Browser and Software Updates

When uploading videos to YouTube, make sure your web browser is up to date. Performance and upload speed enhancements are frequently included in browser releases. Confirm that your video editing or encoding software is the most recent version. These upgrades often include changes that might improve the upload process’s efficiency.

Faster Hardware

Rendering and uploading can be sped up considerably by upgrading your hardware, such as adding a solid-state drive (SSD) to store your videos or purchasing a faster computer. The total upload time can be decreased using better hardware, which can quickly handle video rendering and uploads.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

Upload During Non-Peak Hours

If YouTube may be less busy during non-peak hours in your time zone, you should think about scheduling your video uploads during these periods. You can take advantage of times when YouTube’s servers are less crowded by carefully scheduling your uploads, which will speed up the processing and publication of your content.

Use YouTube’s Web Uploader

The web-based uploader offered by YouTube is typically more effective than those found in third-party programs or browser add-ons. All you have to do is use the web uploader for your videos by visiting YouTube Studio. Because it is tailored for the platform, YouTube’s online uploader is a quicker and more dependable option for uploading videos.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

Video Thumbnail and Metadata Preparation

Assemble your video’s title, description, tags, and thumbnail beforehand. It guarantees you won’t waste more time on metadata and can finish the upload process swiftly. Properly prepared metadata facilitates audience interaction and discoverability while expediting the upload process.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

Queue Multiple Videos

You can queue up videos to upload one after the other if you need to upload more than one. It can save time instead of uploading every video one at a time. You may expedite the upload process and concentrate on other content development chores while your videos are uploaded by organizing them into a queue.

How Long Does It Take To Upload 1GB Video?

Uploading a 1GB video would take about 13 minutes at a regular 10 Mbps upload connection. First and foremost, your upload speed is a major factor in deciding how long the upload process takes. The most common units of measurement for internet connection speeds are Gbps or megabits per second (Mbps). 

Speedier uploads will follow a faster upload speed. The same file, however, might upload in a little more than a minute if you have a high-speed fiber-optic connection with an upload speed of 100 Mbps.

Another important consideration is considering the platform or service you use to upload the video. The time needed for the upload may increase due to restrictions or throttling mechanisms on some internet platforms.

Additionally, upload times may be impacted by network congestion. Your upload speed may be slowed, and the procedure may take longer if many people in your neighborhood access the internet simultaneously.

Why Does My YouTube Video Take So Long To Upload? | yoursocialguides.com

What Is The Daily Upload Limit On Youtube?

The daily is 256 GB or 12 hours of video. Depending on the kind of account, YouTube may have varied upload restrictions. There’s a chance that verified accounts and YouTube partners have different upload policies or greater upload caps. 

Remember that your video still has to be processed by YouTube after you’ve posted it, which might take some time, depending on the movie’s length and quality. Remember that processing time differs from the upload limit when organizing your uploads.

Although these restrictions only apply to video submissions, YouTube has other policies in place for copyright and monetization. Reaching the upload cap does not ensure that your material will be monetized, and utilizing content that is protected by copyright without authorization may result in problems, including account suspensions or the removal of videos.


While it’s normal to get impatient while waiting for your YouTube video to upload, there are ways to speed up and improve the process by being aware of the variables that affect upload timings.

A few important factors that impact how long it takes to upload a video to YouTube include the file size and format, the speed of your internet connection, peak hours, the duration of the video, and the performance of your computer. 

You may use various techniques to upload YouTube videos more quickly, including ensuring your internet connection is steady and fast, compressing your video files, selecting the best video settings, and planning uploads for off-peak times. Using YouTube’s online uploader and upgrading your hardware will greatly speed up the uploading process.

It’s crucial to remember that your internet speed affects how long it takes to upload a movie; quicker connections shorten the upload time. The platform or service you choose for uploading and network congestion can also affect how long an upload takes. 

Depending on the kind of account you have, YouTube has daily upload caps. These limits differ from the time it takes for YouTube to process your video after submitting it.

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