FIX: YouTube Video Removed Due to Inappropriate Content

YouTube Video Removed Due to Inappropriate Content

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Many users were reporting their content is being removed by YouTube unexpectedly with a notice of inappropriate content. Guess what? It happened to me too, and I am here to share my experience and I dealt with it.

The tips that I’m going to share, worked for me well. YouTube does this because it is a platform with millions of videos and users including underage kids. These videos can be violation of Kids Online Safety Law (KOSA).

Let’s uncover the culprit behind it:

  • Video containing graphic content 
  • Video containing adult material
  • Video not suitable for kids

Here are some of my top tips that I can give you:

5 Tips To Avoid Video Removal From YouTube

1. Blur the Inappropriate Scene

The policy I have read about YouTube videos clearly states that any inappropriate video or content will be removed from the website. Therefore, you have to be careful while uploading your videos.

The best practice I suggest is to blur the inappropriate part before uploading. This may contain any blood or graphic content. Let me guide you on how you can do that:

  • First, open the installed video editing software on your PC.
  • Launch your editing program and import the YouTube video containing the unacceptable scene.


  • In the editing interface, drag the video clip to the timeline at the bottom.
  • In the video editor, find the blurring tool. Adobe Premiere Pro has “Ellipse Mask” or “Gaussian Blur” effects for blurring.
  • After blurring, export the modified video to ensure the video’s format, resolution, and quality settings are all set properly.

applying blurr effect

2. Remove the Inappropriate Scene from the Video

Another suggestion from me is to remove the inappropriate scene from your video completely. It will resolve your issue quickly because you follow the YouTube policy.

Here’s how I do it quickly:

  • So first, start your computer’s video editing software. This editing software imports the unsuitable part of the YouTube video.
  • Now, drag the video clip to the timeline at the bottom.
  • Set the play head at the start of the offensive scene.
  • Now, break the video into two sections using the cutting or splitting tool.
  • You can close the removing segment gap in your videos. Drag the remaining video portion to fill the gap created by the deleted part.
  • Replace the original video with the edited video and post it to YouTube. To stay free from the difficulty, follow YouTube’s community guidelines.

cropping video

3. Select Kids Restriction for Such Videos

Let me tell you a secret step to save yourself from the strike and keep your video published. There is an option called “Kid restriction,” which is used for videos containing adult or inappropriate scenes for the kids. 

There is a law that internet websites must follow that states there should not be any inappropriate videos on platforms used by kids like YouTube. 

Let me show you how you can select the Kid restriction on your videos:

  • Click “Videos” in the “YouTube Studio” to see your posted videos.
  • Locate the relevant video and choose “Details.”
  • When you scroll down, the “Audience” section will appear; from it, pick “No, set this video as Made for Kids.”
  • Lastly, apply the “Age restriction” for kids under 13 to prevent them from seeing the video. 

kids restriction

4. Create a Different Category for Such Videos and Add Restrictions for Kids

I recommend setting a distinct category on your channel to manage sensitive borderline content. You have to select kid restriction for that category. This way, you can maintain the flexibility to produce various content without being banned or restricted.

In my opinion, creating a category also arranges your videos in sequence, and YouTube filter analysis works fine for your channel. You must select the restriction option and the category when uploading a new video.

  • To do that, open “Playlist” and click on “Create new Playlist.”

new playlist

  • Now add name and other details into the boxes, select the audience and press “Create”

add description to playlist

5. Add Video in the Education Category:

You know, another best technique I suggest is to add videos in the education category. You can also ask permission for YouTube to unban your videos, as these are uploaded for educational purposes. 

Most of the time, YouTube ignores the videos made for educational purposes. But your video must fulfill the education/learning requirement. Otherwise, YouTube will remove it.

What Can You Do If YouTube Removes Your Video?

Once, I also faced this issue when YouTube started to filter my videos and removed some of them. It was very frustrating for me, especially after trying to create content that aligns with the platform’s terms and conditions.

But don’t worry if your content is removed. Follow these steps to recover it:   

  • Check the Terms of Service, then determine why YouTube pulled your video. You have the option of removal if you believe it was done illegally.
  • A request to appeal can be made to YouTube to reconsider the removed content and verify if the removal was an error.
  • If your appeal is not accepted, you should edit your video and upload it again to YouTube according to its rules and regulations.
  • Sadly, the views and comments from the deleted videos will not be preserved in the revised, updated version.

contact support

How Does The “Strike System” Work On YouTube?

For community infractions, YouTube maintains a three-strikes policy. These policies ensure that YouTubers will upload their content to a certain criteria and won’t repeat the same mistakes again and again.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you do something wrong on YouTube for the first time, you will receive a warning; if you repeat it, you’ll get a strike.
  • Your YouTube activity will stop for a week when you receive the first strike. 
  • Strikes will be noted on your records for 90 days. When this duration is complete, and you receive no further strikes, these strikes will automatically be removed from your record.

However, before these 90 days, you will be permanently banned from YouTube if you get a second strike. Therefore, I suggest you not upload the same banned or stroked video again.

Unfortunately, your profile on YouTube will be entirely deleted if you receive a third strike in ninety days. You can ask them to check again if you think you got a strike by mistake. But they might not accept your request.


The strict community rules of YouTube provide a secure and welcoming atmosphere for its members. Anything that goes against these rules, such as violent content, pornography, explicit content, and unlawful activity, will be taken down

When criminal acts, particularly those including the misuse of children, are reported to authorities. Hence, the implications of improper content go beyond its removal.

If the creator’s work is removed from YouTube, he could use a few methods to set it up again. I highly suggest you use video editing software and edit your inappropriate video. Through this software, you could blur or pixelate the inappropriate parts, set them, and upload the remaining part, which fulfills the community’s requirements.  

If blurring doesn’t seem to be enough, you entirely remove the unsuitable part through video editors. It allows content producers to maintain the integrity of their work and follow YouTube’s rules.

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